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Our premiere digital resource is

Do you really have time to read through hundreds of pages and thousands of words to find what you need for OSHA compliance? 

Find the ANSWERS you need FASTER and right at your fingertips! 

YOU can eliminate hours of research.  In today's business environment, you don't have time to waste because lives are at stake in every workplace everyday.  SEARCHOSHA.COM enables you to pinpoint the specific information you need... IN SECONDS! 

With this powerful website, you’ll be equipped to: 

  • View Federal OSHA’s standards WORD-FOR-WORD
  • Understand OSHA's Field Inspection Reference Manual (FIRM)
  • Learn OSHA’s Inspection Procedures
  • Know Your Rights After an OSHA Inspection 

With this knowledge, you will gain the time you need to focus your efforts on those hot issues that could hurt your employees and your company.  And, you’ll be able to respond to questions faster and build your credibility among managers, employees and your peers. was created to provide you with in-dept information beginning with the most frequently cited standards for a broad range of industries. 

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